• 100% RDA of 23 vitamins & minerals along with specific blends & clinically researched ingredients help support an active lifestyle by improving energy, immunity & stamina
  • Amino Acid Blend: L-Tryptophan, BCAAs, Glutamine, Arginine, Taurine in Healthgram Multivitamin Sports help in muscle recovery and energy production
  • Joint Blend: Ginger, Hyaluronic acid, Cissus in Healthgram Multivitamin Sports helps in relieving joint pain caused by rigorous exercise and may help improve joint mobility & flexibility
  • Energy Blend: Healthgram Multivitamin Sports is enriched with Tribulus, Ginseng, Ashwagnadha, Green Tea that provides energy & may help promote muscle mass & strength
  • Immunity & Anti-Oxidant blend: Potent anti-oxidants in Healthgram Multivitamin Sports help tackle free radical damage in the body and help boost immunity

Healthgram Sports Multivitamin - 60tab

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