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This is a Non-vegetarian product

  • Healthgram Calcium+ Capsules For Women, Men And Children Provides The Perfect Number Of Vitamins, Magnesium, Zinc, Copper, Vitamin K2-(Mk-7), Vitamin D3, Selenium, And Other Extracts. It Protects Against Bones Loss And Promotes Bone Density.
  • It Also Helps In Reducing The Risk Of Osteoporosis, And Supports Joint And Maintains A Good Heart Health.
  • The Major Requirement Of Calcium+ Is Developed When The Estrogen Gets Declined In Women?S Body During Menopausal; And Especially, Vegetarian?S Crowd With Lower Bone Mineral Density (Bmd).

  • Calcium Tablets For Men And Women Contains Over 14 Essential Vitamins And Herbal Extracts In An Advanced Formula. It Offers Metabolism Support, Controls Thyroid, Cares For Heart Health, And Marvelously Strengthens Bones And Joints By Reducing Pains And Stopping The Crumbling Of Bones.

  • Healthgram Calcium+ Is A Blend Of Vitamins, Extracts, And Minerals Formula Believed To Support Nutritional Balance And Helps Convert Food Into Energy.

    Directions: Consume 1 Capsule A Day

Healthgram Calcium Plus - 60tab